Health Survey Application

RokketMed Safety First App

RokketMed has developed a daily health survey application, Safety First, that can be accessed via web or mobile phone to facilitate daily employee health check-ins that provide real-time information to managers while creating a record. This program informs an employee when they should stay home, next steps should they be symptomatic, and support around Covid testing.

The RokketMed Safety First application also helps employers to identify employees who are at higher risk should they contract COVID, by capturing underlying comorbidity indicators: high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, obesity. This is critical in best protecting those employees with the greatest risk. Even with the best internal practices of handwashing, glove, and mask-wearing, etc., as businesses reopen to the public there will be employees who contract COVID.

The data shows that men and those with high blood pressure and diabetes are at the greatest risk of hospitalization and death, so it's critical not only that employees monitor their sanitary and social distancing practices, but are also reminded to manage their health conditions to mitigate against the severity of a COVID exposure. The RokketMed Safety First app provides a daily reminder to employees as they track their COVID risk and offers tools to take additional preventative measures to avoid serious illness.

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