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RokketMed Onsite Testing

COVID Testing Services

We believe early testing is the key to managing the next phase of COVID. This phase represents going back to the office safely for everyone including vaccinated and unvaccinated. It means being ready if a new variant presents itself and takes hold within a community next month or in 6 months. And this phase means connecting those that test positive with oral antivirals that can dramatically reduce the impact of a positive episode.

Our team of certified healthcare professionals is prepared to deliver on all these options through a variety of programs.

Our mission at RokketMed is to help reduce the cost of healthcare. We are proud to have delivered rapid testing onsite at hundreds of businesses, delivering thousands of tests, and helping businesses stay open safely while doing this at incredibly competitive prices. We are excited to continue this important work until COVID and its variants are no longer a threat to your employees, their families, and your business. Offering both rapid antigen and rapid PCR tests, we are able to meet your business needs to bring employees back to work, welcome conference or event attendees, and provide as-needed testing services.

Back to Work

  • Regular testing as needed for a  moderately vaccinated workforce.
  • Training and supplies to provide testing as needed.
  • Telehealth support for workers at home who tested positive and are ready to return.


  • Depending on the time of the year or size of the event, we can support you with onsite event testing leveraging rapid antigen tests.


Have 3 or more positives in a 2-week period and need to test per Cal OSHA? We come onsite for an affordable price and test those employees exposed or interested.

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